We are a human rights organization.  We exist to bring attention to the plight of Targeted Individuals, those who are relentlessly stalked, harassed and attacked by covert means.  It is our wish to make Organized Stalking, Electronic Assault and Electronic Terrorism "household names" - to familiarize the general public with these crimes, to verify the existence of these crimes and to help bring relief to those suffering from these crimes.  We believe that the ultimate outcome of these crimes (if unchecked) is the forced submission - en masse - of people worldwide. 

Unfortunately, many public officials are either hesitant or flat out refusing to address these issues publicly as the covert manner in which the crimes are committed makes them difficult to prove and easy to write off as "paranoia".  This is deliberate.  These crimes are committed in a manner designed to obfuscate the truth.  However, evidence that such crimes exist is well-documented and scientific proof that they are possible is plentiful. The only way that our officials will address these issues is if we, as citizens, demand it.  

We believe that relief begins with the push for the development of a protocol for the investigation of these crimes.  We hope that such a protocol is distributed to local, state and federal law enforcement here in the United States and shared with other nations.  We want to see the perpetrators prosecuted. 

Finally, we believe that there are still many many good people in the world.  And we believe that, given a chance to stand in the gap for those targeted (and ultimately for us all), you will rise to the challenge without hesitation.